Las Vegas

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Kicked my ass. Bad.


Procrasti – Nation

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Can’t u see how easy it becomes
Procrastinate, we’re professionals
Get things done, you can’t, to busy
Having fun we’re professionals

Professional crastination it’s a way
Of life if you’ve got lots of time

Put it off cause tomorrow sounds
Much better than today

Always late, not sometimes, occasionally
Consistantly, we’re professionals

Professional crastination we’re living
In a procrastination

Why can’t we ever be on time?

Professional crastination it’s a way of life
If you’ve got lots of time

Pofessional crastination we’re living
In a procrasti-nation
Professional crastination

This is the theme song for my life. I should be elbow deep in about 3 books, I should be studying but I’m not. I’m listening to old NOFX songs, and trying to convince myself that it’s better than being successive at life.


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I’ve always thought it was strange that I never do homework at home. I stand corrected (2nd sentence) I have done homework at home, not recently though. I always go some where to do homework, is this some fucked up metaphor for how I never feel like I truly have a home? NO it shows that I like the feeling of communion. When I see other people being productive around me, I feel like I have more to accomplish. I HAVE to produce. So it’s slightly competitive, and mostly I just can’t do HW around my OCD riddled Fiancee. I love her, but she is so scatter brained sometimes I can’t get anything done.

So as I was riding to school today, I stopped by work to weigh my bag. I am not one to complain about heavy things, ever. But recently my bag has felt a little heavier than usual. I stop in, throw it on the scale….. (Drum Roll)


21.3 Pounds of pure shit.


Maybe I’ve been a bit more tired than ususal but I swear, that fucker had to be 30+lbs.  Oh well, I’m at school now, blogging about bullshit instead of reading.  Also this CDDB error on iTunes 10 is utter bullshit, I thought they fixed this in 2007.

Long damn nights.

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Last week I worked all 7 days, so including the weekend before, I worked 9 days straight. The money will obviously be nice, but my school work suffered. So it’s left me with long nights, too much caffeine intake, and not enough time in a day. On a higher note, today was rad, I hung out with my lady, went to a food festival and I purchased an iPod nano today. I am stoked to be taking it with me to Vegas, I’ll be posting videos of all the newest shit every night, and I hope to shoot some jib shit with some rad dudes in CO and post it here. Stay tuned…

Hey that's a rad website that dudes peepin.

Leftöver Crack

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How I missed You. I sometimes get caught up in life and the pursuit of nicer things. I feel like shit when I think how wasteful I can be considering how resourceful I try and be.

Leftover Crack reminds me that sometimes, it’s okay to be a punk, and to do my own things for my own reasons.

School Time Blues

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As I sit here listening to the same album I have listened to 100000000’s of times before, I drink my coffee and read some more. I honestly forgot what it’s like to be a student again. I have a lot up against me right now, but as of right now I welcome the challenge with open arms. This year has seen a lot of changes and its not over yet. So when I look at the people around me, who have helped me, I say thanks. To everyone standing in my way… Move or be crushed.

School time list.

1. Coffee – Students have been drinking copius amounts of the black liquid for years and it’s never going to stop. I suggest supporting local business whenever possible, so find a coffeehouse near you (Preferably with wi-fi) and grab a cup…. or  7.

2. Music – iPod, laptop, cassette player, radio… whatever something has to be playing. Find what works for you. I am constantly changing what is playing… maybe it’s the OCD I contracted from my Fiancee, or maybe I am just a righetous snob… who knows. What I do know? Play it loud, play it fast.

3. Backpack – Get something comfortable… messenger bag if you have to be trendy like me, backpack if you like your shoulderss. School books are heavier than ever, add a laptop and notebooks… I have my bag up to 36lbs with books, lappy and change of shoes.

Have fun learn shit and don’t sell out.


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To me, in ones life nothing brings people closer than moving. I mean particularly about my Fiancee and me. I love her with all my heart, and once again she shocked me by taking care of a majority of the packing/moving duties. She is amazing and I love her with all my heart.

Secondly, I have been riding a lot. I work so close to home, it’s ignorant and retarded for me not to ride every day. It’s been great, I get to ride a little every day. I can already tell that this will be a lot better for me, and hopefully I won’t be as bitter as I have been. I have nice neighbors, and the dog has a huge park to run around in. We just today finished hanging photos and making home feel like home.

Lastly, there will be a party. All are invited, time and date to come soon.

Don’t forget, ride little kids bikes and have fun.

Double Tire Slide on Flat Ground (Ben Hucke)